The Down Easter cocktail from Leite’s Culinaria is perfect for fall’s chilly days, with an apple cider base spiced with fresh orange! Cheers!

Sophisticated Halloween nail art DIY from Harper’s Bazaar 

I am very excited to attend the special media preview of the Toronto Lifestyle Market this evening, it sounds like a wonderful concept!

"A fresh approach to the pop-up shop, Lifestyle Market is a dynamic space for brands to interact directly with consumers. Presenting a carefully curated selection of international brands alongside local favourites, Toronto Lifestyle Market is a week-long event that connects you with the people behind your favourite products. During the day, visitors can browse merchandise and mingle in our showroom at the Gladstone Hotel, a Queen West landmark and one of Toronto’s oldest hotels. Each evening, we are hosting a unique event showcasing local talent. All of our friends, whether seeking inspiration, new trends, or merely an evening of entertainment, are invited to attend; this is your lifestyle market. Toronto Lifestyle Market runs from October 8th-12th at the Gladstone Hotel." - Toronto Lifestyle Market

Crofter’s Organic - It’s Time For A Change

For every view of this cute video, Crofter’s Organic will donate $1 to help save the bees, which is a very important cause to everyone for so many reasons.

"Whole colonies of honey bees are dying all over the world. This has disastrous consequences for our biodiversity and agriculture. Without honey bees 80% of the plants will disappear. Without specific plant species, butterflies will extinct and our fruits and vegetables will diminish. A distaster for nature but also for us people. The human health prognoses on the long term are worrying if the biodiversity shrinks." - Pesticide Action Network in Europe.

The donations will be made to the Xerces Foundation, to help fund pollination protection and development work.

For more information, click here :


Orange Poppy Seed Cake with Summer Berries

Light and airy, perfect for summer’s end entertaining!

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Artist on Tumblr

Slinkachu | on Tumblr (UK) - Little People Project

For an artist whose work frequently represents the themes of anonymity, alienation and loneliness inspired by city-living, it is perhaps appropriate that Slinkachu biographical details remain vague. Born in Devon, Slinkachu currently lives and works in London. In 2006, Slinkachu embarked on the first of his street art installation campaigns: The Little People Project. His miniature figures are left to fend for themselves in the bustling city, where they are then photographed and left to the abandon of their urban environment. These figures embody the estrangement spurred by the over-whelming nature of the modern metropolis, and incite a renewed perspective of the everyday urban experience to those who find them. This sense of isolation and melancholy, however, is accompanied by sense of irony and humour that makes Slinkachu’s commentary all the more poignant. Slinkachu has received international attention for his Little People Project and has participated in many group exhibitions both locally and internationally. (src. Andipa Gallery)

[more Slinkachu]

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Awesome beer cupcakes just in time for Father’s Day :)

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Dr. Maya Angelou


One adorable baby goat’s dreams have just come true thanks to the help of a new set of wheels. Frostie the snow goat has been afflicted with the disease joint navel ill since birth, rendering his hind legs unusable. The kind folks at the nonprofit farm animal sanctuary Edgar’s Mission gave the little goat an adjustable cart that fastens around his body, allowing him to take his first steps and frolic with joy.


Internationally renown English artist Damien Hirst just unveiled his latest work that’s part of his ongoing Natural History series that began in the early 90s with a shark suspended in formaldehyde, and it’s a pretty awesome spectacle. Entitled Gone but not Forgotten, it’s a gilded woolly mammoth skeleton, standing three meters tall, encased in a massive case made of glass and steel.

‘The mammoth comes from a time and place that we cannot ever fully understand. despite its scientific reality, it has attained an almost mythical status and I wanted to play with these ideas of legend, history and science by gilding the skeleton and placing it within a monolithic gold tank.’ hirst explains of the piece ‘it’s such an absolute expression of mortality, but i’ve decorated it to the point where it’s become something else, i’ve pitched everything I can against death to create something more hopeful, it is gone but not forgotten.’

Hirst donated his splendid golden mammoth to the amfAR organization, who are using it to raise funds by putting it up for auction at their annual Cinema Against AIDS gala in Cannes.

Click here for a time-lapse video of the creation of Gone but not Forgotten.

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Illustration by Enoch Bolles for the cover of Film Fun Magazine, August, 1941

Happy long weekend to all of us up here in Canada! Hopefully the weather is nice where you are!!

Illustration by Enoch Bolles for the cover of Film Fun Magazine, August, 1941

Happy long weekend to all of us up here in Canada! Hopefully the weather is nice where you are!!

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The best lunch. Ever.

Toasted bread, sliced avocado, salt, pepper, chill flakes, lemon juice squeeze.

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Last weekend, I had the opportunity to check out the Toronto Festival of Beer (Spring Sessions edition) at the Evergreen Brick Works. The event was so much fun! 

There were so many tasty beers and food items to try, it was a wonderful afternoon spent. I also enjoyed the hearing/watching the live bands; the music lent a happy atmosphere to the mostly outdoor venue. 

My favourite beers were a tie between Beau’s Brewery Tom Green Beer and the Maple Porter from Nickle Brook Brewery. I devoured the meatballs from Pizza Libretto, a sausage roll from The Pie Commission, freshly shucked oysters from Oyster Boy, and Budda’s Bacon Butter Chicken stuffed buns from Hot Bunzz. So full and so happy!

I highly recommend checking out their next event to anyone who enjoys food/beer/music/good times - there should be another one this summer!

OOTD : bananas sweater from H&M, BDG jeans and triangle necklace from Urban Outfitters, beanie from American Apparel, boots by Hunter (thanks Mom for lending them to me for the rainy day!)

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